Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Update From the Author

My dear readers I thought I would take the time and give you all a little update in what I have been up to and how it might affect this humble blog. I am very happy to announce that yesterday I returned to my studies at San Diego State University, but now I am a grad student. I was fortunate to be one of twenty-four undergrads who were admitted to SDSU’s history department. For the next two years I will be working on my master’s degree. Natural my area of study will be the American Civil War (I know it’s a shock, huh?).
I know you are all sitting there going so what’s that have to do with this blog? Well because I am expecting a heavier work load there might be some time gaps between my blog entries, but never fear I will try to make as many entries as I can as some of my required reading is on the Civil War plus I will be commenting on my research for my master thesis (topic to be released later). So with your support and patience I will remain your humble rambler.

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  1. Even if you aren't reviewing a book, please continue to 'ramble' on what's going on in your world as pertains to historic things, it's fun to read anything on history! Maybe post some photos of where you've been?